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Below you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions – our FAQ. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Can I be anonymous?
You can choose to be an anonymous donor (or Non-contact as it is also called). This means that any child born with the help of your sperm can never contact you. Same goes for the parents. European Sperm Bank will know your identity. Read More 

What is the difference between being an open donor and an anonymous donor?
A donor child of an open donor is entitled to one (1) contact with his or her donor from the age of 18. donor. A child of an anonymous donor will never know the donor’s identity. Read more 

Do you tell anyone that I am a donor?
No. Your identity is protected with us. Read more 

How often can I donate?
You can donate every 48 hours from your last ejaculation.

How often should I donate? 
We expect you to donate at least four times per month.

How am I compensated? 
A donor can earn up to DKK 4,200 per month. You get DKK 300 for every approved donation: 200 right away and 100 after the donation has been screened for STDs and approved. Learn more about compensation.

Is the money taxable? 
Yes. You receive your payment in cash and anonymously, and you must report your income yourself.

Is there a difference in compensation between open and anonymous donors? 
No. There is no difference in compensation.

How do I get started?  
Apply here and we will contact you by email and arrange for your first sperm sample. Read more.

How old should you be to become a donor?
Between 18 and 40 years old.

I have had sex with another man. Is it possible for me to become a sperm donor?
Yes, you can still become a sperm donor at European Sperm Bank if you have had sex with another man. Read more

What do you screen for?
We test blood and urine for STDs and some genetic disorders. Read more

How many children does a donor have? 
We oversee the number of pregnancies to comply with applicable legislation in the various countries. For example, a donor may provide children to no more than 12 families in Denmark.

For how long can I be a donor? 
We expect you to the donor for at least 1 year. There is no maximum period, but most donors are active for about 2 years.

Can I use my own donations for insemination? 
No, but you can create a separate sperm deposit.

Can I become a donor, if I have had chlamydia?
Yes, if you are treated and cured.

I am an exchange student or foreign citizen. Can I become a donor? 
Yes, if you live in Denmark for at least 1½ years from the time of application. Apply here.

Do you have any physical requirements?
Besides a good health, no. Our donors represent all kinds of men with different backgrounds. Apply here.

I am adopted. Can I become a donor? 
Unfortunately, we cannot accept you in our donor program, if you do not know your biological family’s medical history.

Can I have or get tattoos as a donor? 
Yes. We continuously test for STDs, e.g. hepatitis. Learn more about screening.

Where can I donate?
You can make donations in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Aarhus. Find us here.

You are always welcome to email or call us, if you have any questions.

Phone: +45 88 77 17 57

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