Every man has different sperm quality


Sperm quality differs from man to man. It only takes a single sperm cell to become pregnant, but the higher the sperm count i.e. the number of live sperm cells, the greater the chances are for success.

Basically, good quality and a high sperm count means that sperms are many, healthy and can swim off to the egg. When we at European Sperm Bank determine the quality of sperm, there are a number of parameters to consider, for example:

– The number of live sperm (density)
– Cell movement (motility)
– The cells’ appearance (morphology)
– The amount of sperm in a sample (volume)

Normal and high sperm quality
Sperm count and quality of sperm varies from man to man and from day to day. Still, it is good to be aware of what can cause both temporary and permanent reduced sperm count.

There is currently no general definition of what a high sperm count entails. WHO has a standard of what is normal sperm count:

– Semen volume: Min.1,5 ml
– Total number of sperm: 39 million
– Concentration of sperm: 15 million / ml
– Total motility: 40% (i.e., the number of live cells that moves forward)
Source: WHO

If you are unsure of the quality of your sperm, you can have a sperm count analysis.

Donor Semen
Donor semen is treated in a laboratory, where it is cleaned and frozen to -196 degrees Celsius. Not all of the sperm cells survive the freezing process.
Therefore, sperm donors must have very good sperm quality. At European Sperm Bank, we only accept donors with higher than normal sperm count. When we receive a semen sample, we look at the quality after purifying, freezing to -196 degrees and thawing.

We only accept candidates whose semen, after thawing, contains 20 million live (motile) sperm cells per ml. Are you one of them?

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